Supporting Industry

Through Industrial Safety Consulting

Who Is Atlas ISC?

With a combined twenty years of Occupational Hygiene, Health and Safety consulting experience, Atlas Industrial Safety Consulting was founded to deliver exceptional results for our clients in every industry sector.

  • Integrity
  • Safety
  • Quality

What We Do?

Our service offering is as diverse as the clients we work with, we have the skill set and field experience across a range of industries to bring solutions that work for you and your team.

  • Oil & Gas

    Hazardous materials are synonymous with oil and gas, from the early days of hydrocarbon extraction to modern state of the art facilities, management of the human interaction with the process has been essential.

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  • Mining

    Management of occupational hazards in the mining industry has evolved significantly in the last half century in line with the technological changes. Our services complement our client processes and ensure compliance.

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  • Building Maintenance & Demolition

    Use of materials detrimental to human health in building construction continued for most of the twentieth century, management of these hazards in the built environment supports building managers and owners in efficient maintenance and renovation/demolition decisions.

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  • Other Services

    We support our clients in a multitude of ways, with a focus on protecting human health in the workplace.

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