Maintenance & Demolition

Building Maintenance & Demolition


Use of materials detrimental to human health in building construction continued for most of the twentieth century, management of these hazards in the built environment supports building managers and owners in efficient maintenance and renovation/demolition decisions.

  • Asbestos Survey & Air Monitoring

    Asbestos surveys are the starting point in understanding where your asbestos is located and its quantities.

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  • Hazmat Pre-demolition surveys

    Asbestos was widely installed in commercial and residential properties in Australia, our Licenced Asbestos Assessors can provide you with the peace of mind that asbestos can be identified before demolition starts and removed in a safe manner.

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  • Mould assessments

    Mould has been recognised as a key indoor biological pollutant that may cause adverse health effects to the building’s occupants.

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