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Hazmat Pre-demolition surveys

Strategic hazardous substances management

Asbestos was widely installed in commercial and residential properties in Australia, our Licenced Asbestos Assessors can provide you with the peace of mind that asbestos can be identified before demolition starts and removed in a safe manner.

Demolishing a property in accordance with the Australian Standard? Atlas ISC is the leading company to provide you with the Hazardous Substances Management Plan for your compliance with section 1.6.1 of the Standard.

Atlas ISC has extensive experience in pre-demolition and refurbishment surveys in a variety of industry sectors including heritage listed buildings. Our understand of the variety of hazardous materials that may be present plus the knowledge to advise on risk management strategies and the hazardous materials removal and waste process provides our clients with the ‘cradle to grave’ philosophy for each site.

We work to your schedule and with your project team or architect to achieve the best solution for your particular site based on experience and regulatory compliance.

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